Hacker with a Heart of Gold


Stats/Purviews: Epic Intelligence, Epic Perception, Guardian, Justice
Abilities: Investigation and Science. Academics, computers.

Note: I am avoiding any combat abilities on purpose, not even casting type abilities like Felix had, I am forcing myself to play a sole support type of character, info tech geek guy.

Description: The Parrot’s name is Iago. He likes an old Disney movie called ‘Aladdin’

Looks Like Jame Kennedy: http://mimg.ugo.com/201004/42905/cuts/jamie-kennedy-bio_288x288.jpg

Name and brief history: “Zefram” It’s his hacker name, he has no idea what his real name is or who his parents were, he was born on the streets of Lower Vegas so he has a fiercely protective nature over its citizens. One day he was out of money having spent it on new upgrades for his cybernetics (after using the previous upgrade to steal said money ‘for the greater good’ of providing for everyone else) he couldn’t buy food having to pay rent in his shitty apartment and he found, in a dumpster a rather strange metallic object that was giving off a kind of energy, he took it home and found he could mold it into something. For some reason he was able to program a cybernetic owl out of it, and that ‘owl’ had a message. Some woman named Athena claimed to be his mother and then she changed his life forever. The past six months has been strange, he’s found he has increasted Intelligence and Wit, and he has a mechanical animal companion that turns into a laptop at the drop of the hat able to hack (within reasonable distance being hero level) almost anything he can get his hands on bringing more money into the poor sections of the undercity.


“Zefram” or ‘Z’ character Intro story.

Sniffling, Zefram waited patiently for the delivery, Iago hung upside down from a pipe a few feet above working on a new song.

Zef leaned agains the corner of the brick wall at the mouth of the ally way, “Do you have to whistle that incessant tune in public?”

“Rrawk! Nobody around, nobody around….” Iago said in his cybernetic parrot voice as the ‘bird’ dropped down to his shoulder its sensor like eyes scanning the area around them, “Nobody detected, can keep singing…”

“Shhh…” Zefram said as he saw a shadow and with another ‘Rraawk!" the ’parrot’ quickly transformed into a small laptop notebook computer that Zef slid in his jacket pocket as the seller walked up the alleyway.

“Usual stuff?” the seller said as he handed a piece of paper to Zefram, “Deliver it east side alley this time, leave the boxes in the back, then leave. Don’t linger.”

“Why do you get food to those guys anyway, they’d shoot you if you went down there.”

Zefram just looked at him, “So you’re saying I should let some people starve so others don’t get shot? No thanks, deliver the food, your payment will be in your account at 1 PM tommorow,” the guy, who was slightly overweight and balding just shrugged, “If you say so.”

Zef grabbed his arm and looked at him, “Thank you, know that what you’re doing helps.”

The delivery man nodded and went about his way. Zef had been working with the same guy for six years since he started hacking into several lower city banks, stealing from mostly gang leader accounts, a few club owners, and anyone who takes advantage of the downtrodden, to simply buy them food, clothing and medical supplies. The medicine that those in Upper Vegas can take for granted.

Yet even that delivery man didn’t know that he was the very man who was doing this for these people. He was even more secretive about who he actually was now after what happened six months ago.

He had walked back to his small apartment through a back alley to get away from some goons who were eyeballing him at a local market area and the dumpster was…glowing, or at least it was glowing to him, no one else appeared to see it. He opened it up and found the black metal, he took the metal home and when he touched it, it became Iago. Iago played a very important message from a woman who called herself Athena and revealed to him something he still had trouble believing but he couldn’t argue with the results. Heightened intelligence, and even more sophisticated knowledge base of computer technology. The ability to perceive things others couldn’t, his own intelligence was growing. His own abilities and it had made this job, robbing the rich to feed the poor much much easier.

He walked back up to his small apartment as Iago hooked himself up to Z’s personal mainframe, giving it that much processing power each time, the parrots head spinning around, “Polly want more power!” as if the parrot was getting some perverse pleasure being plugged into the make shift super computer.

“If I do that my EM readings will go up and our little operation will be shut down rather fast, got to keep the programming levels down as well bud, don’t want to cause the power to go out in the building again. I promise once I get us enough money for us to move into a bigger and better place I will, for now though, the poor come first.”

“Polly understands, Rrawk!”

He smiled as he checked his shipments while loading a blocking program to keep from being detected in the shipping companies site, looking at records he as the customer wasn’t really supposed to see, but everything checked out as usual as he closed down before his elector-magnetic pulse went up and cops from upper city came to slap him back down to the type of poor person he was supposed to be.

He shut down and went to take a nap, being up for the past eighteen hours was a bit rough.


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