He's just so glorious.


Strength: 5
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 3
Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 1
Appearance: 4
Perception: 3
Intelligence: 3
Wits: 3

Noteworthy Abilities
Athletics: 4
Awareness: 4
Brawl: 4
Control: 2
Marksmanship: 2
Melee: 3
Presence: 4
Thrown: 2

Relic: Rising Sun Pendant (1)Access Sun Purview
Relic: Gold Watch (2) Special abilities
(2) Pending

Epic Abilities
Epic Dexterity: 2
-Knacks: And the crowd goes wild, Cat’s grace
Epic Strength: 2
-Knacks: Crushing Grip, Holy Bound
Epic Stamina: 1
-Knacks: Self Heal
Epic Appearance: 2
-Knacks: Game Face, Serpent’s Gaze.
Epic Wits: 1
-Knacks: Opening Gambit

Sun: 1-Penetrating Glare, 2-Divine Radiance

Willpower: 6
Legend: 3
Lead Virtue: Valor


Mitsuo has had a pretty normal life. He is 17 years old and Japanese-American. Grew up in the Chicagoland area with his two younger brothers (both in high school), father and step-mother. He was fairly popular in high school, being naturally very attractive and a prodigy in martial arts.

That is all in the past now though. Having just graduated, Mitsuo was gearing up for college in the fall when something that called itself a Kami visited him. Turns out Mitsuo’s mystery mother from god-know’s when was a goddess. And Mitsuo himself is a scion or something. This was approximately one week ago (at start of campaign) and having found himself doing some fairly interesting things… Mitsuo is starting to believe he wasn’t hallucinating. And everything so far is freaking awesome.

Fun facts: His name actually means “Shining Man.”
Until I flesh out the character and get a better feel for him them/entrance music…


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